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We assist promoters and content providers in the production,live streaming, and monitizing your events and content by delivering your event live and/or on-demand to the web, iPhone and Android Phones, and soon RokuTV, and ApppleTV.  Experienced in live webcast production since 2006, A3 Media LLC. has launched it's A3 Sports & Entertianment system.  We webcast live sports, corporate and entertianment events across the board as well as series airing on channels such as Showtime.

What Promoters & Content Providers Get
- Our expert consultation for production services.
- Our expert consultation on live streaming and encoding services.
- Promoters access to the System.
- Stat reporting on all their content through Promoters' Login Portal including content plays, Pay-Per-view buys, and spreadsheet export.
- Broadcasting to most mobile and latest tech devices.

Three 3-Ways To Monitize Your Content!
1) Free video plays with ad-rolls that tie into our advertising supplier Yume who is a provider of digital video brand advertising. The company’s solutions for video advertising campaigns are targeted at both supply-side and the demand-side customers.

2) Paid for subscriptions tiers!
   - Standard and Ultimate subscribers to they system.

3) Pay-Per-View events!
   - Exclusive High End & High profile live events.

PayPal Credit Card Processing.
All Credit Card Processing is securly done via the latest 256-enycription by PayPal the #1 trusted payment processor on the web.  All customers Credit Card information is safely accessed and stored on the PayPal system in a sort of user locker.  Customers enjoy the fact that their information is securly stored on a promininent system and do not have to worry about our servers getting hacked as their information is not on our servers.

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Anthony Sellitto
President - Executive Producer
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